Emerging Media On My Mind

There’s no doubt: We’re experiencing a major shift in media consumption. Emerging tech—from drones to wearables to virtual reality—are radically altering how we think, act, and relate to others. Old media is under heightened pressure to perform, especially as more people turn to tablets, smartphones, and social platforms for engagement.


My how times have changed.

The digital revolution has undoubtedly transformed our lives. We’re completely intertwined with – and at times, dependent on – technology. A decade ago, the idea of receiving news alerts on a smartwatch seemed like fiction. Now, it’s reality.

In fact, a Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report, recently revealed that Americans, on average, own at least four digital devices – and spend about 60 hours per week consuming content across those devices. The 2014 Nielsen survey also found that two-thirds (64%) of social media users say they log on to social sites at least once a day via their computers, and half (47%) of smartphone owners visit social networks on their devices daily.

Brands must cut through the clutter.

Thanks to the proliferation of digital devices and platforms, today’s consumers are more connected than ever before. Brands are doing whatever they can to reach new audiences in new channels. But it’s tricky.

According to new Forrester data, “more than half of US online adults are already annoyed by the amount of advertising they see and 37% would rather not be contacted by brands at all.”

So, what’s a modern marketer to do? We’re to embrace the intricacies of our relationships with consumers. We’re to be strategic in our messaging. We’re to deliver the most relevant content to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right channel.

The future is now.

Content that was once accessed only through traditional media channels like print and broadcast television can now be received on any number of digital devices. Thanks to the constant arrival of new media tools, we’re able to connect in ways once deemed impossible. What will the next wave of innovation bring? I can’t wait to find out.


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